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Welcome to the online journal for Edward Cant, Optic Swerve. Here you'll find anything novel and/or interesting that I stumble upon in web app experimentation.

Canvas Generated Icons

Efficient canvas generated icons and touch icons. Read more.

Targeting Windows 8 Snap Mode

Presenting a JavaScript method to allow CSS targeted for Windows 8 snap mode. Read more.

CSS @viewport or Meta Tag?

IE10 in snapped mode does not support the viewport meta tag, but does support the CSS viewport rule. Can we support both? Read more.

The Responsive Viewport

An evolution of the responsive design concept via on-the-fly viewport modification and media query driven style switching. Read more.

Querying the Viewport Scale

This article started with a simple question. How do I get the current viewport scale in a website or web app? This is my solution. Read more.

Hiding the iPhone Address Bar

Hiding the iPhone address bar is a well known JavaScript trick. However, it is annoying when the solution (a page scroll of 1px) is applied when you don't want/need it. This is preventable. Read more.

Orientation Correct Screen Width

Many devices like the iPhone return screen width assuming a constant portrait orientation. This article demonstrates a simple approach to querying screen width corrected by device orientation. Read More.

iPhone Title Modification

iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices allow you to bookmark a website to the home screen. However, the default page title used for the bookmark can be a bit too long. Read More.

Optimising for High Pixel Density Displays

A comprehensive look at the potential design optimisations that apply to high pixel density displays. This is a hot topic right now due to the popularity of iPhone4 and the implications of density-independent pixels with automatic scaling. Read more.

CSS3 Media Query Prototyping with ProtoFluid

ProtoFluid enables the development and styling of websites and apps across a wide range of Internet enabled devices.

In this article I leverage dual CSS3 Media Queries in order to quickly and easily prototype CSS for web-enabled devices of varying dimensions. Read more.

Ajax Kill Switch, Version 2!

The original article (available here) presented a simple solution to website code thievery in the form of cross-domain JavaScript ‘fetch-and-execute’.

We now present a smarter, more efficient and generally better version. Read more.

URI Processing with JavaScript

Basic URI processing with JavaScript. A useful collection of URI processing functions neatly encapsulated in a class. Used in many of our upcoming articles. Read more.

Ajax Kill Switch

We propose a simple solution to website code thievery. The Ajax Kill Switch takes the form of cross-domain JavaScript ‘fetch-and-execute’.

Combined with source code obfuscation, we have an effective insurance policy. Read More.

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ProtoFluid. ‘Effortless responsive web design testing’.

Previous Articles

Canvas Generated Icons. Read more.

Targeting Windows 8 Snap Mode. Read more.

CSS @viewport rule or viewport meta tag? Read more.

The Responsive Viewport. Missing piece of the responsive web design puzzle? Read more.

Getting the Viewport Scale.
Read more.

Hiding the iPhone Address Bar.
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Orientation Correct Screen Width.
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iPhone Title Modification.
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Optimising for High Pixel Density Displays.
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CSS3 Media Query Prototyping With ProtoFluid.
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AJAX Kill Switch. Version 2.
Read more.

URI Processing With JavaScript.
Read more.

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